I Lievitati

Naturally leavened panettoni and colombe.

We choose only high-quality ingredients: stone ground flour, organic eggs, natural yeast, whole cane sugar, butter, vanilla berries from Madagascar and Agrimontana candied fruits.

We focus our attention on a very fundamental element: time. Our panettoni and our colombe need a three-days preparation. The natural yeast guarantees a slow leavening, which gives softness and assures a 35-days natural preservation.


Our products:

  • Classic Panettone

  • Panettone frosted with almonds and sugar;

  • Chocolate panettone

Each type of product is available in three different sizes: 500 gr, 750 gr, 1000 gr.

In order to guarantee craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients, our production is limited. Because of this, we strongly suggest booking our products.

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