In our colors, the italianity: tomato, mozzarella and basil. In our green heart there is our love for organic food. We choose our producers and our products with passion, a perfect combination.  Our ingredients are well-born. Born environmentally friendly, cultivated to be the best, following the real made in Italy ethics.


A natural goodness you can taste.

We use only the best stone ground wheat from organic agriculture. We choose it healthier, tastier, easily-digestible.

Cultivated by women and men who are in love with the Earth. Leavening needs time, as all done with love. We respect this time, and, finally we know it would not be better. Our topping products are tasty, artisanal and Italian. Good alone, extraordinary together. The goodness expresses herself in the oven, where the natural cycle, started from fields and arrived to you, ends. You will love each slice.

We use only biodegradable dishes and we are strongly involved in reducing at least the use of plastic. We have chosen natural detergents.


Taglio was projected with a big attention to sustainability and to emphasize our main character: the pizza!


TOP 20 Trip Advisor Torino.

We have been chosen by a lot of gastronomic guides: Pizzeria D'Italia e Street Food (Gambero Rosso), Slow Food, Menù A Porter, La Guida del Piemonte (La Repubblica), Il Saporario (La Pecora Nera), La Guida dei Cento (EDT), La Guide de Routard.

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